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Long journey over the Atlantic ocean for the preultimate round of the season 2019

The field of the FIM MOTUL Superbike world championship is gathering together again this weekend for the penultimate round of the season 2019, over 12.000 km away at the Circuito San Juan Villicum in Argentina. Markus Reiterberger is looking forward to the races at the other end of the world, as the WorldSBK races in Overseas are usually a bit more relaxed than on European sole. The championship 2019 has already been decided a week ago in french Magny-Cours, where Jonathan Rea took the title for the fifth time.

The racetrack in San Juan, in Argentina is quite young on the calendar of the WorldSBK as it just was added in 2018. Nevertheless the Circuito San Juan is one of the main venues for motorsports in the country. The layout with its 17 corners leaves Reiterberger curious. The 25-years-old Bavarian has never been to the racetrack before and is looking forward to get to know it. Already from watching it on TV he could imagine that it will be fun to ride on the 4.3 km long track. There are still two events to go for Reiti and his part of the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and he wants to finish them as good as possible and collect some more points for the championship 2019.

Markus Reiterberger: „I will start my journey to Argentina this evening already to give myself more time to adapt during the days before the practice sessions and the races start after this long flight. I am really looking forward to the event in Argentina. I was not there yet, but the racetrack looks really good and I watched the races last year on TV. Basically I like the races in Overseas more than the ones in Europe. The time schedule is a bit more relaxed. I hope that everything goes better than in Magny-Cours. Of course I want to achieve a better result with my team in Argentina, than what we had one week ago. I am motivated and I am looking forward to finally learn to know the new track.“

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