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  • Judith Pieper-Köhler

Schleizer Dreieck like a home race for Markus Reiterberger

The fourth round of the International German Motorcycling Championship, the IDM, will take place next weekend on the traditional nature race track. The series is taking place for the 87th time on the racetrack in Thuringia, which is celebrating its 100th birthday next year. For Markus Reiterberger, the event on the Schleizer Dreieck is always like a home race, despite the almost 400 km distance to his home city. Many friends, family and acquaintances come to cheer on the 28-year-old. The successes of the past few years speak for themselves. So it's clear that he likes the course and the whole event with its many spectators and media encouragement.

For the coming weekend it's time to pick up where the BCC-alpha-Van Zon-BMW team around Reiti left off almost four weeks ago in Most, Czech Republic. With two victories it was the perfect event and the Bavarian hopes to repeat that next weekend. With a good basic set-up and grid position, the conditions would be optimal and the only thing left to do is to keep calm and not forget to have fun. The 1st Official Fanclub Markus Reiterberger e.V. will also be there this weekend, using the event for the first fan meeting of the year and after a two-year break due to the pandemic.

Further information on the event, as well as the schedule etc. can be found at

Daily updates on Markus Reiterberger can be found on his social media channels on Facebook and Instagram:

The races take place on Sunday at 10:10 a.m. and 2:25 p.m. and can be followed live at

Markus Reiterberger:

"I'm really looking forward to next weekend and to Schleiz! It's like my second home on the IDM calendar. All my friends, family and acquaintances come to the Schleizer Dreieck to cheer me on and to support me on site. I'm really looking forward to the whole spectacle there. There are always an incredible number of spectators and it's just fun to race in front of such full ranks. This year my fan club will also be there with many members and the atmosphere will be indescribable, I'm sure. I'm hoping for a warm weekend in Schleiz and for relaxed work, like in Most and the races before that. If we have a good basic set-up and my qualifying goes well, then the best conditions for a successful weekend are set. Then only the race pace has to be right. I'm looking forward to Schleiz!"

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