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New territory for Reiti - the British Superbike Championship

In just two days the time has come and Markus Reiterberger is expecting his next racing assignment in again a completely new series for him. For the Global Robots BMW Team, the Bavarian will compete in the British Superbike Championship alongside his EWC team-mate from the Estoril 12 hour race, Peter Hickman. Reiti is very curious about what will wait for him there. The BSB has a reputation for being tough and the 26-year-old will have to assert himself in the series with little training time only.

The racetrack in Donington Park, not far from the English city of Birmingham, opened in 1931. Up to and including 2009, the MotoGP also performed here. In the BSB, according to the regulations that apply there, the motorcycles work without electronic support, such as traction or wheelie control, and this is new for Reiterberger. With only a little preparation time, the Bavarian will try to use each of the training sessions to the fullest, in order to be optimally prepared for the next weekend even with the announced "typically English" weather ahead. It will be decided after the weekend whether there will be any further excursions to the BSB afterwards.

Markus Reiterberger:

“I'm delighted that it worked out that I got a place on the Global Robots BMW team for the BSB event in Donington Park. I'm also happy that my manager Werner Daemen and Alpha Racing make it possible for me to take people from my familiar surroundings with me. I had a meeting at Alpha Racing yesterday and we have come up with a strategy for the weekend and I hope it will all work out. Of course, the weather is also crucial there. Unfortunately, the forecast is not that good. It's already difficult to adjust to the new bike because we don't have much practice time. If it rains at the same time, that wouldn't be great. The bike can only start here without traction and wheelie control. This will be new to me, but I'll try to adapt. First of all, I have to get to know the team and I'm looking forward to that. It is important that I do not injure myself during this mission. The series is new to me. I see it as an expansion of my horizons and maybe one or the other possibility will arise from it. But now let's see how things are going in Donington Park and then we go from there. The results have to be right."

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