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Markus Reiterberger with dominant performance at ARRC in Sepang

Markus Reiterberger (Onexox BMW TKKR Racing) won both races at the second race weekend of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) 2023 in Sepang, Malaysia. Starting from pole, Reiti rode to two dominant victories at the MotoGP circuit close to Kuala Lumpur.

In the first race on Saturday, Reiti crossed the finish line after twelve laps with a lead of 7.978 seconds over team-mate Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman. At the start of the second race on Sunday, Haruki Noguchi, the overall leader, launched several attacks to which Reiti always had an answer ready. After a few changes of position, Reiti held on to the lead and cruised to his second win of the season. When he crossed the finish line, he was 4.036 seconds ahead.

The 50 points for the two wins in Sepang gave Reiti a big leap forward in the riders' standings. In the championship, the 29-year-old German moved up to second position. The ARRC season continues from 23 to 25 June at the Sugo International Circuit in Japan.

Markus Reiterberger:

"I was really looking forward to the weekend in Sepang because it’s one of my favourite tracks. The practice sessions on Friday were very successful. We could finish all three sessions in P1. Qualifying on Saturday was also really good. Already with race tyres I set a 2:05 lap. With the qualifier, I was on course for a fantastic time and wanted to break my best mark of 2:04.7 minutes. But then I had some traffic. Nevertheless, I secured pole position. My start into the first race was not optimal. But in the second turn I was in the lead again. I pushed hard in the first laps and was able to create a gap. I controlled my lead in the final laps and had a lead of almost eight seconds when I crossed the finish line. The bike was fantastic. In the warm-up on Sunday morning we tried some changes to make it even better. The new setup had advantages and disadvantages. Together with the team we decided to make a compromise between the two set-ups. My start into the second race was better than on Saturday. There were some attacks at the beginning of the race, but after a few laps my lead increased. When I had a comfortable gap, I took some speed out and finished the race in a controlled way. It was a great weekend. The team did a great job. Thanks a lot for that!"

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