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Markus Reiterberger starts the new season with a new helmet


A new adventure begins in just a few days for Markus Reiterberger. Additional to the Endurance World Championship, in which Reiti already competed at the 8-hours race in Sepang, Malaysia for the BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team of his manager Werner Daemen in 2019, he will also start in the Asian Road Racing Championship with the Onexox TKKR SAG team for the Bavarian plant. And in addition to the usual strong support from its sponsors and partners, there is a special new supplier for the new tasks of the 25-years-old.

Reiti returns to the helmet manufacturer SHOEI in 2020 and he is very happy about this step. From the late 1960s, SHOEI’s reputation as a top quality brand first spread through the U.S.A., and then through motorcycle markets all over Europe. Everyone in the motorcycle world can spell the name SHOEI right, although the SHOEI team doesn't even have 500 people worldwide. This is probably also because not only the “normal motorcyclist” can identify with the brand, but also well-known riders such as Tom Lüthi, Sandro Cortese, Alex de Angelis, or even the eight-time world champion Marc Marquez and his brother Alex count on the support of SHOEI.

With all the energy and passion that is invested in the development of a product, the quality of series production must ultimately meet the requirements of development. And that is the case with SHOEI. And Markus Reiterberger, when visiting SHOEI, could already clearly feel that this could be the cornerstone of a long collaboration.

Markus Reiterberger: “First of all I would like to express my huge thanks to SHOEI. I am glad that they put their trust and support in me and that I am part of the SHOEI family again. At the beginning of my racing career, I got into racing with SHOEI, thanks to my late friend and mentor Ralf Waldmann and the great racing veteran Bernd Fulk. These were not easy times for me and SHOEI supported me a lot. I then had to change the helmet manufacturer for various reasons and could not return for a long time. Therefore, I am now even happier that I am part of the family again.

I visited SHOEI in Langenfeld and I am really convinced of the quality of the work that is done here. It all leaves a very professional impression, from drawing up the contract to shooting in no time. The helmet is very light and feels great. It fits as made for me. And Oliver Wieden made it a top priority and even adapted my helmet himself. Thanks to the incredibly quick response from my top designer Maik Heidner from 4moto, who did another great job, and the application of the design by Daniela Huber from Kfz-Teile Huber, I now also use the what is in my opinion, best helmet design of my career. It's a typical Reiti-design again and Ralf Waldmann’s “Waldi’ is riding with me again. I am really happy. I was equipped by SHOEI with helmets, material and really good tips and information for the start of the new championship. Thank you very much!"

Oliver Wieden, Sales and Marketing Manager of SHOEI Distribution GmbH: "We are very happy to welcome Markus back to the SHOEI family after a few years and wish him for the 2020 season in the World Endurance Championship and the Asia Road Racing Championship good luck and keep our fingers crossed that he can recommend himself for further tasks. "

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