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ARRC in Sugo: Markus Reiterberger explores new territory

After the successful EWC event in Spa, which Reiti and the BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team finished in third place, Markus Reiterberger (Onexox BMW TKKR Racing) continues without a break this weekend. The third event of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) is coming up. It will be held in Sugo, Japan.

After the stops in Buriram (Thailand) and Sepang (Malaysia), Reiti is in second place in the championship. He recently celebrated two commanding victories and therefore travels to Japan with great determination. Only ten points separate him from the overall leader, Japan's Haruki Noguchi.

The Sugo circuit is completely new territory for Reiti. In the practice sessions, he therefore has to get used to the layout of the track, which was built in 1975. In addition, sole supplier Dunlop is supplying new tyre options this weekend, which Reiti and his team will have to test.

The races in Sugo will be streamed live on the ARRC YouTube channel:

Markus Reiterberger:

"After the 24-hour race in Spa, it was straight on for me. We arrived in Japan on Wednesday. It's my first time in Sugo and I watched some onboard videos to learn the track. There are new tyre compounds for this weekend. Besides the familiar medium tyre, we have a new soft tyre and a new hard tyre with different dimensions here. We still have to test that. It will be very important that I learn the track quickly. My opponents know the track very well. Together with the team, I'm sure we'll manage it well. I'm looking forward to the weekend here in Sugo."

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