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ARRC in Buriram: Markus Reiterberger victorious in the season finale

Markus Reiterberger (Onexox BMW TKKR Racing) has concluded the 2023 season of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) with a victory. In Buriram, Thailand, Reiti secured the eighth race win of the season. Thanks to this victory, Onexox BMW TKKR Racing won the team classification.

Compared to the season opener at the Chang International Circuit, things went much better for Reiti and his team right from the first practice session on Friday morning. The rider from Obing set the fastest time of the day and missed out on pole position on Saturday by less than a tenth of a second.

Reiti led the first race for several laps. In the final phase, he had problems with the front tyre and controlled the pace. After a very aggressive overtaking attempt by an opponent in the last corner, Reiti had to lift his bike to avoid a crash. He was pushed off the track, received a track limits penalty for this and was only classified in second place.

The response to this penalty was not long in coming. On Sunday, Reiti took the lead after a thrilling battle with Zaqhwan Bin Zaidi. In the final race of the season, he was not to be denied victory and rounded off a more than successful year like a true champion. He had already secured the title at the penultimate event of the season in Zhuhai, China.

Markus Reiterberger:

"The start to the weekend was very successful. We were in front on Friday. That was a big relief after we had some problems here in Buriram in the spring. My start into the first race was great. I felt really good and took the lead. Then I was able to pull out a comfortable lead. In the final phase, I felt like loosing the front. I almost crashed a few times and had no feeling in the left-hand corners. It felt like something was wrong with the front tyre. I slowed down and controlled my lead. To be honest, I didn't expect anyone to be there in the last corner. What followed was a hara-kiri manoeuvre. If I hadn't sit up my bike, we would both have crashed. I crossed the line first, but then received a penalty. But what should I have done? I can't understand this decision. We tried something in the warm-up on Sunday, which unfortunately didn't work out so well. My crew went all out again for the race and provided me with a perfect bike. I couldn't find a way past Zaqhwan at the start of the race. He kept closing the door on me. But the battle with him was clean and really fun. At some point I got past him and was able to show my full potential. After the disappointment of Saturday, I was able to give my answer on the track and win the race. Many thanks to the team for their tireless work throughout the year. It was simply a great year. Many thanks also to BMW, the sponsors and everyone who has accompanied and supported me this year!"

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