Markus Reiterberger: „Schleiz is awesome!“

The „Schleizer triangle“ is the oldest natural race course in Germany and ranks among Markus Reiterberger’s favorite tracks. The uphill and downhill ride over the majority of public country roads, passing agricultural fields, with its original racing character is unique in the racing calendar of the International German Motorcycle Championship. 28,500 spectators made the race weekend very special for every participant.

Markus Reiterberger holds the record for the fastest racing lap with his lap time of 1:24.165 min in 2015 and is listed twice on the traditional „stone monument of the fastest rider“ in Schleiz. His target: Engraving number three on the stone monument.

Free Practice sessions

The first day did not run very well for the 23-year-old Bavarian at first glance. The first training took place on a drying track and a real time hunt was not to be expected. Markus missed the second training run completely due to a technical defect. Only in the third free practice session was he able to show that he feels comfortable on the Schleizer triangle course. With a lap time of 1:25.289 min he distance his direct pursuer by 1.192 seconds and set the fastest time.


In the first qualifying session Markus completed 14 laps at optimal conditions and set the best time with a 1:24.606 min. With a calming buffer, the crew decided to use the second qualifying session for a race distance check. Reiti used the 30 minute session and rode the 18 lap race distance with constant fast times. He delivered his best lap in Q2 with 1: 24.685 min.

Race 1

From the first starting position Markus did leave any doubt who was the man to beat. Already after the first lap he could bring a comfortable gap between himself and the pursuer group. Without competition, he kept his pace at the highest level. With a lead of more than 24 seconds to his first pursuer, Reiti crossed the finish line and achieved another 25 points for his championship account. Victory number four in this IDM season. With an average race speed of 160,052 km/h and the fastest lap average of 161,741 km/h, Markus managed to secure the place on the traditional „stone monument“ for 2017 already in the first race of the day.

FW-Fotografie & Design // Foto Felix Wiessmann

Race  2

Due to the increased track temperature compared to the first race, Markus Reiterberger started with a different Pirelli tire mixture. The race, which was held for 18 laps, also became a Reiterberger performance demonstration. Again, he was able to put a gap between him and his competitors right after the start and rode consistent fast lap times. After a red flag scenario in the 13th lap, caused by the crash of his team mate Jan Bühn (Rider ok), Markus was scored with a lead of 14.621 seconds as a winner. He takes a total amount of 50 points from the two races on the Schleizer triangle and also achieved his fifth race victory in the sixth IDM race of the 2017 season.

FW-Fotografie & Design // Foto Felix Wiessmann

Markus Reiterberger is thus expanding his championship lead in the Superbike 1000 class after the sixth IDM race of the season with 145 points. The next IDM event, with the races seven and eight, will take place from the 11th – 13th August 2017 in Assen (Netherlands).

Championship ranking

1 Markus Reiterberger | 145 Points after 6 of 14 races


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