After already taking part in the 8h World Endurance race in Oschersleben, Markus took advantage of the long IDM break for a further engagement for the Polish LRP team. With Werner Daemen and Dirk Linnebacher, his Van Zon-Remeha-BMW team also supports the EWC team around Bartlomiej Lewandowski with additional know-how.

With its length of 5,922 km, the Slovakia Ring is located near the small town of Orechová Potôň, about 35 km southeast of the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Reitberger, as well as Jaroslav Cerny and Michal Filla, were in the rider´s seat for the eight-hour race at temperatures around 35 ° C.

After the spectacular crash in Oschersleben in June, the LRP team built a completely new BMW S 1000 RR up to the last minute.

Thursday 22.06.17 – Qualifying 1 and night training.

In the free practice sessions, Markus was able to ride the new BMW with a 2: 04.753 min round on overall rank two. Not a bad start for the 23-year old IDM leader on an unknown race track.

In the first qualifying, in which each of the three riders has a 20 minute riding session, it was significantly warmer, which made an improvement of the lap times impossible. With a 2:05.172 min lap it was enough for Markus to rank the bike again on a second place in his session. In the combined result, the average lap time of all three riders of the team, the LRP Poland squad finished 7th overall. The 1.5 hour night training ended on P4 with 2:05.835 min.

Friday 23.06.17 – Qualifying 2

Dirk Linnebacher, who is responsible for technical management and data recording in the IDM team, had once again made a change in the chassis on the LRP bike with which Markus was able to ride a new lap record in the qualifying 2 (2:04.343 min). Unfortunately, the lap record did not last nearly half an hour, as Niccoló Canepa was able to subdue 14 tenths with his factory motorbike. The qualifying ended the LRP team combined on P4 with 2:05.367 min (+0.889). A good starting point for the next day´s Le Mans start, which Markus should take over.

Saturday – Raceday at 8h Slovakia Ring.

The timetable for the race had to be advanced by half an hour due to strong insect heats in the night training sessions where the riders couldn´t barely see anything through their visor. This is why the race for Markus started already at 1:30 pm. He could shine with a strong initial phase and handed over on P4 to his team-mate. With only minor errors in the pit stops and one technical defect which resulted in a minimal delay, the team came through with no problems in the 8 hour race. Markus completed four stints in these hot conditions – more than his two team colleagues –  and making the best out of the dramatic final session. Markus sprinted the last 45 minutes to catch the ahead riding Bollinger Kawasaki crew. He managed to close the gap and pass Horst Saiger, leaving him with a tight lead of 4.5 seconds behind. Reiti brought the tactical race with P7 over the finish line – P5 in the EWC classification.

Markus Reiterberger:

„I’m very happy for the whole LRP Poland crew. We knew we would not fight for the podium, but we did a good job here. The guys are a very emotional team and you can feel the enthusiasm of everyone involved. We were able to make a good race together and get a strong result with our possibilities. With the newly built bike, we had some start-up difficulties, but we got it in time. At these hot temperatures it was a real bone work – in the box and on the motorcycle. Also my team colleagues Jaroslav Cerny and Michal Filla have done a cool job – thanks to everyone. “


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